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天車輪 / 傳動軸 / 備品
Lifting Solution / Wheel spare parts / Universal Driveshaft Technology

• Brake Wheels

Xtek "Steel Safe" brake wheels are superior to all others because they are designed mechanically and metallurgically to provide long, safe operation. Each Xtek brake wheel is machined from forged steel and heat treated in our in-house furnaces to provide optimum wear and resistance to thermal cracking.

  A typical brake wheel application. An Xtek brake wheel being heat treated.

Xtek Brake Wheels are:

  • Manufactured from forged low carbon alloy steel, not cast steel or iron
  • Dynamically machine balanced to minimize vibration
    - Two-plane analysis
    - Machined (no welded weights)
  • Heat treated to withstand thermal fatigue

Advantages of Xtek forged brake wheels:

  • High resistance to fracture (catastrophic failure)
  • High resistance to wear
  • High resistance to thermal cracking
  • Delivery in 6-8 weeks, less when required
  • Competitive price



• Track Wheels / Crane Wheels

On the job, track wheels and crane wheels are replaced because of flange wear, flange breakage, and mechanical overloads characterized by pitting and spalling. Each of these in-service factors must be carefully considered before the combination of wheel design, material selection, hardness pattern and heat treating technology is selected.
That's why every Xtek hardened steel track wheel and crane wheel is specially designed and heat treated to maximize its resistance to the damaging forces at work in heavy industrial applications.

  Almost a century of heat treatment experience goes into each Xtek wheel. Experienced machinists and the latest in CNC technology assure that concentricity and accuracy are built into every Xtek track and crane wheel.

Xtek Track Wheels / Crane Wheels are:

  • Manufactured from fine gain, fully killed, vacuum degassed forged medium carbon steel
  • Heat treated using our in house processes to provide a uniform contour hardness in the tread and inner flange wear surfaces, while maintaining a ductile core to resist shock loads
  • Resistant to flange fracture or wear
  • Designed to resist pitting and spalling

Advantages of Xtek forged Track Wheels / Crane Wheels:

  • Reduce maintenance cost of your wheels and wheel assemblies
  • Improve the life of your rail
  • Provide an additional 40% load carrying capability over rim toughened wheels
  • Delivery in 6-8 weeks, less when required


  • Overhead cranes, gantry and portal cranes, transfer cars
  • Antennae, stadium roofs, cable cars, horse pulled carriages (and many more)



• Sheave Wheels

Xtek TSP carburized and hardened sheave wheels last longer and require less maintenance that others in similar applications. In fact, Xtek sheave wheels typically outlast competitors' by a factor of 10 or more. And, Xtek sheaves have been shown to increase wire rope life by as much as five times due to the significant reduction in crushing and imprinting that occurs in the throat of a softer sheave wheel. Many manufacturers of wire rope recommend Xtek sheaves to their customers as an economic way to prolong the life of their product.

  As an employee owned company, every member of the Xtek team is committed to quiality and service. Xtek sheave wheels reward their owners with superior performance, even in the most hostile environments.

Superior Wear Resistance:

  • Carburized and hardened to 64 Rc or greater
  • Throat of wheel polishes under load, reducing friction between the wheel and the wire rope
  • High surface strength allows increased load capability



• Universal Driveshaft Technology

Whether you are considering an upgrade in equipment or struggling with repeat drive train failures, Xtek’s drive train services offer a single source solution. As a manufacturer of a wide range of rolling mill drive train products, we provide a unique perspective for analysis and solutions to drive train challenges. Nowhere else will you find this same experience and expertise dedicated to meet these challenges.
Far too often, changes in one area of a drive train system are accomplished without a thorough understanding of the potential adverse effects on other areas. For example, a change in operating characteristics to improve production may cause a decline in equipment reliability. Before making any critical decisions, consult with Xtek to insure that your project will produce the expected results. We have a dedicated staff of engineers with the skills and experience necessary to properly evaluate potential changes and offer confident analysis.

Typical rolling mill stand for analysis

We utilize an impressive list of intellectual properties that include FEA analysis, SDRC Master SeriesTM and PowerGearTM design software. When combined with experienced engineers, Xtek’s drive train services consist of the following:

  • Power Transmission Analysis
  • Forward/Reverse Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Field Inspection/Installation
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