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Thermic Lance

  • Thermic lance consists of a steel tube packed with several specific alloying wires where oxygen is passed through. When the lance is ignited, it produces a great source of heat.
  • Application:
    Thermic lance can be applied for cleaning slag, removing metal penetrations on castings, burning the blasting holes in large slag heaps, and cutting overflows in casting pits. Experts suggest that electric-arc and blast furnace have plugs which should be opened at regular intervals for inspection or draining purposes, and lances are highly recommended for solving the problems.
  • Advantage:
    1. Rapidly cut stuff gives time saving.
    2. Long storage life under general condition.
    3. Easy to operate with the small amount of portable equipment required.
    4. Working with low vibration and voice.
    5. It is applied without pollution.
    6. Less regular substantial cost.
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