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Magnetic Lifting System

• Lifting magnet

Circular electro-magnets
in molded or mechanically welded steel.
Available in waterproof version for immersion and high temperature version.
Handling of sheet metals, strips, ingots, blooms, billets, cast iron crusher ball, molded parts, various loose or baled scrap, etc.
Rectangular electro-magnets
Available in bi-polar deep field version.
Available in high temperature version .
Handling of sheet metals, 0.5 - 200 mm thick, singly or baled, small or large format, hanging from lifting beam.
Handling of billets, horizontal or vertical axis coils, bales of bars, sections, wire reels, rails etc.
Handling of hot products (up to 600°C).
Magnetic or electromagnetic conveyors For rolling / unrolling process of coils surface treatment on the lines, or in the cutting loading phases
Gripping system using suction pads For handling loads using the vacuum technique.
E.g. handling cast iron pipes



• Magnetic separators


  • To protect handling equipment (belts) and preparation equipment (grinders).
  • To sort and give added value to your materials.
  • To use for concentration or cleaning in the mining and recycling industries and other sectors.
  • Sometimes associated with metal detectors.
  • Above a conveyor belt, on a conveyor belt, at the end of a conveyor, replacing a conveyor head block, in a chute…



• Magnetic transfer line systems

The use of magnetics in material handling
Reliable material handling systems

The use of permanent magnets results in a system that is both simple and safe since the facility does not depend on electricity.
Furthermore, the quality of the means implemented by the Lenoir Delachaux Group gives you a lifetime guarantee on the performance of permanent magnets.


  • For optimising palletization
    In the example of a drink can production line, if a permanent magnet is placed at the end of the line, all of the cans on the work table can be taken in one go and placed on the pallet. The operator simply needs to separate each layer of cans with a sheet of cardboard and then palletization can be done in a record amount of time. This equipment also works for depalletizing.
  • For transferring parts
    In a ball bearing manufacturing plant, magnetic transfer line systems enable you to forward the bearing rings to the various machining stations right up to the assembly robot. Photographic film manufacturers also use this technique for moving cartridges.
  • For conveying metal tins
    Magnetic transfer line systems is already widely used in canning plants, where it has proven its worth in facilitating the conveyance of tins. Rates of 600 tins per minute can be reached, depending on the speed and adjustment of the conveyor belt.
  • For checking the quality of bottling
    A magnet grips the closed bottles by their capsule to check the closure of soda bottles. If the capsule is not on properly, the bottle falls down. This prevents poorly conditioned bottles from leaving the plant.



• Metal detectors

For the following applications:
  • To detect and indicate the presence of any ferrous and non ferrous metal particles mixed with the product.
  • To protect reliably the manufacturing device and thus avoid costly repairs and production losses.
  • To ensure the quality of the marketed product.
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